A Long, Long Time Ago…

I thought of this today — not sure why, but it probably was relevant to some train of thought I was following at the time. Anyway, this is a “30 things about me” list that I wrote seven years ago. I was seventeen. Kind of terrifying to think about. But also hilarious. I used to be obsessed with these kinds of lists — and still am to an extent. :-P

Commentary in italics below each item:

  1. I love Ireland and hope to someday visit it.

I still love Ireland, and would love to visit someday, but I’m more eager to see Germany, Norway, and Hungary now.

2. I finished writing a novel a couple days ago, which is my first ever to be completed.

And, let’s be real, the *only* novel I’ve ever finished. And I’m still revising it.

3. I’m a Christian.

Seven rocky years later and here I am.

4. My favorite singer is Ryan Kelly.

Not sure I would say *favorite* singer anymore, but definitely one I’ll never forget.

5. My second favorite singer is Andrea Bocelli.

Ditto — and probably the singer I’ve liked the longest.

6. Music is my most favorite thing in the world.

I love music. But I love stories more. If music tells a story, awesome. If poetry tells a story, awesome. If anything at all has a story, I’m all about it.

7. Someday, I hope to learn to play the violin.


8. Writing is my second favorite thing.

Whether or not writing is my first or second favorite thing is irrelevant. It is something I can’t help but do. It is as vital to me as breathing.

9. Photography is third.

Eh. I don’t know. But instagram is fun!

10. I love Apple computers.

Writing this from an acer using Windows 10. I’m pretty happy with it. Nothing against Mac… but I’d rather visit Europe than buy a computer.

11. I’ve been planning on painting my room for three years.

And we painted my room for my 18th birthday! Now I don’t live there…

12. I am the middle child.

Surprise, surprise — I’m still the middle child.

13. I love the lights in downtown Fredericksburg during Christmastime.

Yes, and also the lights in downtown West Palm at Christmastime. I just love lights. And Christmas. And downtowns.

14. My favorite color combination is blue and brown.

I am way too indecisive to have a favorite color or combination. I pretty much stick to white for most things now. It’s clean and crisp.

15. I envisioned the jacket I wanted a year before the stores carried it.

And I never actually bought the jacket. :-P

16. I want to go to the beach someday.

I live at the beach now. Success.

17. Speaking of seventeen, I am seventeen.

23 yo!

18. I can be somewhat dramatic, though it’s usually for the sake of humor.

Somewhat? How about ridiculously dramatic, for humor and for everything else too!

19. My favorite car is a Saab convertible, even if it would be expensive to fix.

I’d be really okay with a Ford Focus. But driving is not my favorite.

20. At the moment, my favorite song is “Take Me Home.”

Favorite song right now…. hard to say! Shut up and Dance with Me is a fun motivating song though!

21. My favorite hymn is “How Firm a Foundation.”

Hymns… maybe Be Still My Soul. Favorite Christian song… right now, probably, By Your Side.

22. Someday I’m going to open a Pizza Parlor.

Or not.

23. I love the city and I love the country.

Living in the city, visiting the country = ideal.

24. My cousin says I remind him of the violinist, Hilary Hahn.

Except I wasn’t a child prodigy and can’t play the violin.

25. I really want to meet a little girl named Emily Jane.

I met her.

26. I want to have an ice cream cake for my wedding cake.

And elope. Weddings are overrated and expensive.

27. I get way too excited when I get a notification on Facebook telling me someone commented on or “liked” something I posted.

I get more excited about texts.

28. I like to randomly quote songs.

It’s funnier when people know the songs I’m quoting.

29. I like Punjana Tea commercials. Yes, I am weird. =P

I don’t watch these anymore. But I still laugh sometimes at remembering them — “Quick Sybil! DO something!” Sorry… I’m weird.

30. If I wait long enough and try hard enough, I know that I’ll find exactly what I’m looking for, because I always have.

Couldn’t have described my INFP life any better. Always looking for perfection and trying to find it everywhere I go.

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