My name is Emy (in my ID Card it’s Elmira but my mom used to call me Emy) and it turns out that I like being unique so I chose to stay Emy so there wouldn’t be any other Emys (cause I live in Iran and nobody has such a name)

I think successful people are just the change they wanted to see in the world. and they always have something to inspire you, because they’re pretty much themselves.

In my mind, inspiration is easy. I’m inspired by what surrounds me and I make my decisions based on my life goals. I also name each year for an Inspiration to remember my personal goals: 2014 was “The year to make everyone laugh”. Well, I did it, and I did it in a way that I remained in people’s mind.
2015 was the year of “Work Success”. and I’m still trying my best for not becoming disappointed with my work life and keep going.

I name each year for an Inspiration: 2014 year was “The year to make everyone laugh”. 2015 was the year of “Work Success”

Let me see what else would you like to know about Emy? Emy is energetic, she’s dynamic. So sensetive as well as being strong. She loves to learn and loves to share. She’s independent but connected to people. She loves children, nature, family, and she has chosen her mother as her best friend.

Her biggest goal is to travel around the world so she could see the real world, and she would know how other people are spending their nights and days.

She doesn’t have so much money, infact she always has a short money but she loves to spend it on experiences, not stuff! That’s the reason she may use the same clothes for like 6 years!

She has everything in her backpack so whenever she suddenly wants to go somewhere, she can =)

She doesn’t care about the world’s definition of happiness or missing or sucess. She knows these can be changed for everyone and she has her own definition of everything. She analysis so much, and that could come from the logical part of Emy which needs everything to make sense to her.

She defines everything!

I’m not that type of person to keep telling good stuff about myself. Of course, everyone has a dark side, and now it’s time for you to know Emy’s dark side.

She couldn’t stay connected with her blood relatives for so long. She couldn’t go to a very good univesity and couldn’t graduated with good grades and she couldn’t keep her family together. She couldn’t find someone to love. she couldn’t take care of people she loves. She’s trying so hard but she’s getting to no-where. Sometimes she’s so deprest and no one seem to understand her.

Lately she’s trying to find the meaning of real life.

She’s not good at fixing broken things wether it’s a glass, a peice of work or a broken heart. There’s a lot of time when she can’t control her madness and she goes crazy.

Lately her biggest challenge was to find a home (actully to get a home) and by home she means a place to feel comfort and free, a place that feels like sweet home where she can have her best friend close to her (mom).
But she always remembers the time when she tried to find the meaning of real life.
She realised that we’re so busy and so stuck to life’s routine that we forget the real life, so she decided, it’s not a safe job and a nice house and a good car that defines the life. She understands that the value of life and the value of being alive is way more than monotony in life.

I know that by now, you might think she quit her job, but she didn’t because she simply love her job (although there’s a little part that she hates about it and that’s dealing with uncertainty and chaos which she’s trying to learn).

What I’m trying to do here is to explain myself and I guess it’s enough.

I really wish it’ll be a tiny motivation for you to try to get to know yourself better and kill monotony in your life.