The one I never met!

I miss you but I’ve never met you!

Turns out when you get to know the “real” side of a person, it’s easy to feel close. You’d be surprised what a person will tell you if they think they have no intention of ever meeting you. I know this because I told him all of my secrets, too. I never lied to him. I never made my life seem like anything other than what it was. I was only 18 when we started talking after all.

At first we spoke only through Yahoo! messenger (RIP). He was 11 years older than me, he kept calling me every single day, we had endless phone conversations – the kind where your mom would yell at you to go to bed because it is late, but I would whisper hoping my mom wouldn’t hear me. Back then it was “close friendship”.

He helped me in every situation, he even forced me to go to university (which was the best choice back then but I wouldn’t choose it without him).

After sometimes, our relationship was a few months on a few months off. He had his life. I had mine. He fell in love – I fell in love. We had our chats and calls, still. It was never a catfish situation.

One time he got mad at me and stopped​ talking - our friendship was stopped. I felt like there’s a big hole in my life during those time, I needed him!

Luckily, after some time we start to talk again I was so happy, trying to appreciate his existing and trying hard not to let him down because I realised what a great place he has in my heart and my life.

I don’t know what happened but for some reasons he stopped talking to me and he wouldn’t reply my calls or texts. I still haven’t​ figured​ it out! 
I’ve never felt more distant from the boy I once felt closest to. Maybe I should call him. Or maybe I should sign off and finally say goodbye. I guess that’s the hardest part – letting go of my best friend of 6 years.

How can someone I never knew be such a huge part of my life?
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