Amar’s experience with work-based learning as a programmer

Enabel in Palestine
Jul 4, 2018 · 1 min read

Amar’s dad introduced him to the world of programming. He immediately loved it and it didn’t take him long to sign up for the work-based learning course in programming and database management to gain more experience. He especially enjoyed the moments of practice in the private sector, as they helped him to develop his skills in different types of projects.

After graduating, Amar started working at a security company where he programs software for security doors. He created a program to automate processes that were previously done with pen and paper, which resulted in less mistakes in the projects.

When Amar thinks about the future, he sees himself running his own computer business. His inspiration comes from the work-based learning course where he also gained the necessary skills to open and manage a business himself.

About WBL • Enabel wants to counter youth unemployment in Palestine by helping graduates match their skills with the demand of the labor market, by integrating Work-Based Learning (WBL) in technical & vocational training (TVET). WBL improves practical skills and facilitates the transition from education to employment as part of the students’ training takes place in the workplace.

Enabel in Palestine

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Enabel is the Belgian Development Agency. In the Palestinian Territory we support projects in #education and #localgovernment.

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