Ameen’s road to self-employment after finishing the work-based learning course in painting and decoration

Ameen graduated from Jenin VTC where he completed a work-based learning program that allowed him to practice and enhance his painting and decoration skills during an internship in the private sector.

He also participated in the WorldSkills competition, for Palestine. His skills led to Palestine being ranked among the world’s top ten countries in the painting and decoration skills.

Nowadays Ameen started his own independent company in painting and decoration. Business is going well and he and his nephew are able to employ around 5 people on a project by project basis.

About WBL • Enabel wants to empower the Palestinian workforce by helping them match their skills with the demand of the labor market, by integrating Work-Based Learning (WBL) in TVET. WBL improves practical skills and facilitates the transition from education to employment because part of the students’ training takes place in the workplace while doing real work.

Enabel in Palestine

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Enabel is the Belgian Development Agency. In the Palestinian Territory we support projects in #education and #localgovernment.

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