Soujoud & Ala’ talk about the benefits of training in the private sector, while studying fashion design

Soujoud and Ala’ both graduated from the work-based learning course in Fashion Design at UNWRA’s Faculty of Education. The girls started studying in this field out of their love for fashion.

During their WBL apprenticeship they practiced their sewing and fashion design skills and they were able to make more clothing than they would have in college. They were also allowed to keep the pieces for themselves. After finishing their studies, the company where they followed their practical training offered them a job.

The time spent in the private sector helped them to learn new techniques and gain more experience in the field of fashion design. After receiving the necessary experience in the labor market, Soujoud and Ala’ will look for ways to start their own business.

About WBL • Enabel wants to counter youth unemployment in Palestine by helping graduates match their skills with the demand of the labor market, by integrating Work-Based Learning (WBL) in technical & vocational training (TVET). WBL improves practical skills and facilitates the transition from education to employment as part of the students’ training takes place in the workplace.

Enabel in Palestine

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Enabel is the Belgian Development Agency. In the Palestinian Territory we support projects in #education and #localgovernment.

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