Last year Summer I went to Belgium with my best friend – we decided to go to the Zoo in Antwerp because why not, it was just something to do in a different country and it was close by to where we were staying.

The only time I had been to the Zoo was over 20 years ago — when I was around 10. I don’t have much memory of my experience other than wanting to go home because it smelt of shit and dirt.

We paid a stupid amount to get it because why not, that’s what you do when you go to a different country, you pay for things you wouldn't normally pay for in your hometown.

So our journey in the Zoo started off OK, but I eventually was overcome by the feeling of regret and sadness. I never knew how uncomfortable and how strongly I felt about seeing animals held in captive — because that’s what it is. There was hardly any space for the animals to run around, some were in a cage alone and most of them looked sad. The majority of my experience was awkward. This hasn’t turned me into an animal rights activist but my time there made me reflect on the fact that sometimes we don’t realize how strongly we feel about something until we see or experience it ourselves.