5 Reasons to Move to Naples in the Winter

Those who no longer wish to walk in a winter wonderland will find solace in Southwest Florida

It’s December. You’re walking to your car in a cardigan and shorts as the sun plays gently against your skin. Snow shovels, defrosters, salt and ice scrapers are a distant memory.

Is this heaven?

No. It’s Southwest Florida, though we’ve heard some people call it heaven on earth.

And while Naples’ summers are hot and humid, our winters produce California-like temperatures with a delicious touch of ocean breeze. The weather is just one, albeit the number one, reason to spend your winters in Naples.

1. The Weather

The weather in Naples in the winter typically averages about 77 degrees. Our best weather months would range from November through May — so conveniently all but the four or five months that it’s warm up north.

2. Limitless Outdoor Activities

From golfing to fishing to the beach, Naples has a wide variety of activities that can take place right in your backyard. These are not just hobbies, but a way of life. In fact, most homebuyers buy homes in a golf community or right on the water. Whether your boat beckons from its dock in your backyard or your golf cart summons you from your shady garage, there’s more to living in Southwest Florida than being able to drive your car on an open road.

3. The People

Why wouldn’t the people in Naples be friendlier than Northerns? They’re living in paradise all year round! What’s more, Naples is a melting pot — from Midwesterners and Northerners to Canadians and Europeans — no matter where you came from, you will surely find someone from your hometown. It’s hard to be angry when you’re perpetually sunkissed and flip flopped. Enjoy any and all company around you becomes a whole lot easier.

4. Low Cost of Living

Besides there being no state tax in Florida, $300,000 could easily buy you a spacious three- bedroom lake house…with a pool. Compare that to what you can find in Manhattan or Los Angeles at that price, especially if you’re hoping for any additional amenities, and you should be all but ready to pack your bags. Additionally, property taxes amount to approximately 1.2% of your home’s purchase price and, according to Florida Power & Light, an average electric bill is under $100. People attempt to spread rumors that Naples is overpriced for the shear purpose of keeping you overspending.

5. Housing Options

Naples offers housing for every budget and lifestyle. You can choose anything from a condo on the beach to a cottage on the lake, to a town home in a gated community or a mansion on the golf course. Live on a horse farm or in a high-rise — but live the way you’ve always imagined you would.

With limitless opportunities, activities and sunshine, it’s not hard to turn your wildest imaginings into reality when you move to Naples. Encore Realty has been helping restless souls plant their feet in this area for over 30 years. Contact us today and let us help you find your own piece of paradise.