Someone’s working harder than you…

This is for those who complain about not being successful, who look to those who are successful and call them lucky…

There’s always someone on your tail, there’s always someone lapping you, there’s always someone else, doing what you are doing, better than you are doing it.

…But this isn’t to make you feel bad, it’s to motivate you into action. And I don’t want to throw that sentence out there so it looks good — ‘Motivate you into action’. Take the word ‘action’, filter the word through your brain, look at your hands, look around you. Use those things to do something.

You don’t know what to do?

Let’s break it down then. Let’s work backwards. Start with not doing the things that are unproductive. Once you have those things out of the way — TV, scrolling for hours on social media, movies etc, move on to things that seem productive i.e — Make a budget, start a blog, do the dishes, anything, until you get used to working. Now use that energy and devote it to your passion, your work, starting your own business. Once you figure out what you want to do, you need to get people to come to you — That’s the only way business can be done and the best way to do this is social media — there’s no question there. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Now that that’s done, make a website. Wordpress should do. Don’t know how to make one? — Youtube it — you can make a youtube account once you’re there. Now create and document fire content and attract people. Pursue your dream, have patience — patience as in, 5 years is short term, 10 years is long term and 3 months is a nanosecond — a nanosecond. Keep working, never give up and if you decide to give up (yes, it’s a decision) start following motivational people on social media, Instagram is a good start.

Here’s a list:

Now go and do and don’t take a second to think of successful people until you’re in their position.

And one final comment: It’s not easy.


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