“I don’t think people ever realise how much they mean to those who pray for them. It’s a message to God because they know those things can no longer be settled within your hands. It’s because they know you feel completely powerless yet desperate to see things change. It’s because they love and care about how you feel. Even when things seemed naive. Even when things seemed ridiculous. Even when things seemed hopeless. They pray and pray and pray for a miracle to happen. They knocked the damn door and asked a million times for a response. Just because you don’t see it. Just because you aren’t a believer of God, goddesses, a universal creator or heck else. That doesn’t mean they aren’t helping you at all. They could even be on their knees every night begging for a divine intervention.

So stop whining and be selfish, thinking nobody’s helping. The little things always matter the most. And good deeds needn’t always be told.”

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