“It’s strange how we always think everything will be fine. Like. How we always think things will eventually turn out proper even when we know they are not. How we always used to think what’s good at the start will maintain, if not get even better at the end. How we always presume that everything will be set nicely at equilibrium. How we always believe that things will reach their optimum sooner or later.

I mean. It’s crazy. That we’re so busy at pointing the finger these days. So busy engaging in constant debates and discussions thinking it’s going to help us in our lives. Bit by bit, we’re taking everything, everyone for granted.

It’s scary. Like. Anyone now could’ve so easily disappeared in our lives without our knowledge. Because we’re always busy sorting out things we think are priorities and ignoring people we assume are living just as fine. When they’re not. When they’re already sliding into obscurities. And when one by one till everybody’s gone, people ask themselves what the hell have they actually been doing.

In the end, we make ourselves the biggest losers in our lives. Simply ridiculous ain’t it?”

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