Remember Me

You’ve gone quiet.

Please, don’t go mad.

I know you’re tired

Of me being a nag.

You’ve gone silent.

Still, you ignored.

I didn’t mean to be violent.

Smashing your stuffs on the floor.

When I met you,

Time stood still.

Because that’s when I knew,

I had your love pill.

The first time I asked you for dinner,

I blushed with anxiety.

Hoping you could be my partner.

As I was losing my sanity.

We got along so well.

You enjoyed my company.

Just like this, I got under your spell.

As I take off into fantasy

We built on our dreams.

We aspire to intelligence.

We were always on the same theme.

And you were the Essence.

Debates are normal.

That’s what they say.

Because love is eternal.

No price to pay.

You kept pointing out

That things were going wrong.

To you, I had so many doubts.

Eventually, we could no longer sing the same song.

“Don’t you ask me why.”

“Don’t you question me”

Cause I’ll make you cry.

Again, you shall flee.

“But why are you different now?”

Why aren’t you talking?

For this, I cannot allow.

Because I truly miss your calling.

Yet again, it’s gone quiet.

But this time, I am alone.

I see you’ve been so tired.

Is it too late for me to atone.

Just like how in the past,

I can make your tea every morning.

It’s a pity good things never last.

Now, I’m left mourning.

Looking back, I really miss

Those times I served your breakfast in bed.

As you heave a sigh of bliss,

I offered you a kiss on your head.

All I want,
Is nothing more.
To hear you knocking
At my door.
Cause if I could see,
Your face once more.
I could die a happy man,
I’m sure.

Forgive me,

For loving you genuinely.

Forget me,

For being your melancholy.

Remember me,

Because I will.

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