Secret Love.

It’s never an issue.

In fact, it’s never that complicated.

The truth that I love you,

Is a statement I’ve always understated.

I could never forget the moment

I fixed my eyes on you.

It was the moment I’ve chosen.

At all cost to stay true.

I could take you to places,

Fantasies you’d never explore alone.

You’re the dream I longed to chase.

Though you may never know.

A million movie dates.

And a million more walks.

Even till eternity, I shall wait.

To find the key to your lock.

During the movie with you,

I was a little distracted.

Because I couldn’t help but view

The loveliest smile ever crafted.

On the bus with you,

I tried to be clever.

Popped a difficult question to you.

So that I could look at you think, forever.

When you mentioned his name,

My heart skipped a beat.

But you’re not to blame.

That without you, I’ll never be complete.

When you mentioned his name,

And told me all his qualities.

Then I realised, I’m really lame.

I’ll never be your somebody.

After all, you’re never mine.

And some things aren’t meant to be.

Everything will be fine.

You’ll finally be free.

A simple connection
In my mind alone.
Was an eternal affection.
All along…
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