A Highlight in a Debate of Low Blows: Hillary Clinton Fighting to Overturn Citizens United

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to drag last night’s debate into the mud, Hillary Clinton managed to discuss several key policy issues, including campaign finance reform. End Citizens United applauds Hillary for reaffirming her commitment to overturning Citizens United and ending the flow of unlimited, undisclosed “dark money” in our elections.

From the day she entered the race, Hillary has made campaign finance reform a pillar of her campaign. Along with her demand to end Citizens United and eliminate dark money, she supports a robust small-donor matching system and has pledged to sign executive orders to strengthen disclosure requirements. We’re fortunate to have leaders like her, President Obama, Bernie Sanders, and many others standing up to demand that we return the power in our political system to the American people.
 The contrast between Hillary and her opponent is stark.

It’s clear that Donald Trump is no reformer. He complained about Super PACs when it was politically convenient to do so, only to turn around and accept help from several of them when his campaign became more expensive in the general election. Not only does Trump lack any plan to stop the avalanche of Big Money in our politics, he’s hired the head of the Citizens United organization as his deputy campaign manager. Furthermore, Trump’s foundation gave Citizens United $100,000, among its many other politically linked donations.

In order to prop up his failing campaign, Trump’s now desperately soliciting big money. It’s no wonder Trump’s campaign ‘has pledged to fulfill nearly every industry wish list that has existed in Washington D.C.,’ and that billionaires are lining up to help him with up to $200 million in undisclosed “dark” money. Not coincidentally, several of his senior campaign staffers are acolytes of the billionaire, mega-donor Mercer family that controls one of the Super PACs helping him. The bottom line: after decades of taking advantage of the system for his own benefit, Trump’s now out to rig it even more for his favorite billionaires. We can’t let that happen.

Americans deserve a president who will work to end Citizens United and who will always fight for reform. Hillary Clinton, one of End Citizens United’s Champions of Democracy, will be that president.