An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I’m not going into any background for what I’m going to write, but it’s free advice that might help you.

  1. Leave the Bay Area. In fact, leave California. Yes, there’s a lot of fun things about the place, but it’s extremely expensive for a variety of reasons, including there’s a lot of fun things about the place so everyone wants to live there and that tends to make things expensive. Move someplace with a lower cost of living, like the Midwest or South.
  2. You need another bachelors degree. You’re working in an entry level job because your English lit degree doesn’t qualify you for anything else. At a minimum, get a teaching certification — and move to the Midwest or South. Better yet, get a business degree. Best choice, something in health care or even STEM. (And please don’t think about “raising the minimum wage” or “living minimum wage” or any other distracting nonsense. Focus on your immediate problems.)
  3. Do you have any idea how many other people with English lit degrees (or worse) are trying to get started as free lance writers/bloggers? The competition is immense, which means the compensation is minuscule, which you’ve probably already discovered. Put your time into something more productive, like acquiring marketable skills and knowledge, and understand the writing is a hobby that will never pay you anything. (And if that changes its gravy.)

You’re going through a tough time and your life seems to be a hole that just gets deeper.

First Rule Of Holes: Stop digging.

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