When I crossed the border.

Norman Pagett
Jul 27 · 5 min read

The same crossing in 2006 took just 5 minutes (and we thought that was long time), so the bureaucracy now is not a remnant of 9/11. Each crossing since 2006 has got longer and more obstructionist, the questions more surreal: Was I or had I ever been a member of the Nazi party? Did I intend to commit any sexual misdemeanours while in the USA? Was I entering the USA to abduct a minor?

Who writes this stuff? Chance would be a fine thing. I wasn’t allowed to say that. At least those questions seem to have disappeared from the agenda lately. English mirth and smart-ass answers would not have gone down too well, so I refrained.

Questioning me about membership of the Nazi party back in 2006 was a negative factor. I couldn’t help but think that had they asked the same question this year it would have been a positive.

How times do change.

The uniforms behind the desk were doing nothing but pass the time of day amongst themselves, making it clear that we on the outside must wait upon their (eventual) favours.

The policy was obviously one of obstructionism — this has clearly permeated down from the top. Trump has accellerated it, but he is not the source. Clearly it is a collective unease about those unfortunate enough to live beyond the borders of the ‘land of the free’.

Why should this be? Plainly the border is the face of a frightened nation, closing in on themselves to protect what they have from outsiders. It is manifested at that border crossing.

Crossing back into Canada 2 days later took 30 seconds and a cheery wave and a ‘welcome to Canada’. Canadians are content with themselves. They do not feel threatened. No need even to get out of the car. Being back in Canada felt like a return to sanity, though away from the horrors of the border crossing I couldn’t have met nicer folks in the USA.

(At least that part is always consistent)

The USA is obviously being consumed by its own collective fears, not only shunning outsiders, (America first?) and inflicting cruelties on its own people as all empires do in the early stages of collapse. The federal death penalty has just been re introduced — -where did that come from ? Any odds on the majority of those executed will be black?

Every adversity can and must be stopped at the border. Climate change? Vote for those who say it isn’t happening, and it will not happen. Withdraw from world climate agreements and anything nasty about the climate will be stopped at the border.

Just as I was.

Denial denial at every level. Climate change cannot happen because their god says it can’t.

You doubt that?:

“We should have no worries about the environment, because after the great flood with Noah, god promised that he would never ruin the Earth again”…. Sen. James Inhofe. R.Okla.

What hope is there with nutcases like this in office? The Roe vs Wade thing is in a similar vein — -control control control. Control of weaker people. All in the name of fundamental religion of course, to placate Jesus before his return. Those who disagree must be kept out or silenced. Those who want to enter the USA for whatever reason are judged to be ‘outsiders’.

Those who live beyond the pale cannot be allowed to dilute the American Dream, there is little enough to go round as it is. Poverty can be kept out and wealth kept in by slamming gates and building walls.

Prosperity is something to be voted for, just as the Germans voted for Hitler’s Ponzi scheme in the 30s — -they had no option but to believe. First he took small steps towards tyranny, then bigger ones that reflected the apathy of the people he was treading on.

Thus are tyrants made by those they come to rule.

Germany was in a mess and Hitler had figured out the perfect job creation scheme — -war. Trumps ranting rhetoric was (and still is) believed. His war threats are constant, he’s got rid of any sane people who counsel against it. There was no real difference between the two — -or any of the other right wing crazies on the rise elsewhere in the world.

They too promise infinite prosperity,

Right now the USA war industry is a mainstay of the economic system, wars are constant — they have to be — Trump sells arms to the world’s worst people. If he gets his total war he can assume total “emergency” control and stay in power permanently.

He has to. When he leaves office he becomes subject to criminal liability.

The POTUS is commander in chief, and he has fired any general who might have stood in his way. The military will fall in behind whoever pays their wages — -just like the Wermacht. Rommel knew Hitler was a lunatic, but it didnt stop him leading his armies.

Humankind is driven by opportunists, they grasp at every last shred of support, even though it robs others. The USA is an overblown version of that. They must now steal to exist. This is why oilwars are now endless and will get worse as oil supply tightens. But for the moment fracked oil has kept out the reality of oil poverty beyond the American frontier.

Fracked oil is bought with borrowed money. Go figure.

We are now in the process of robbing our own future, and our children’s future. We will leave them with nothing.

This gives an insight into where we’re all headed — -borders have never kept out unpleasantness, though dictators have invariably promised that they would.

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