It matters where and how things are made. We’ve said this from the very beginning of Enda.

Each time you buy something, you’re making a small vote about the way you want the world to be. Which type of products should exist and how companies that make those products should operate.

Collectively, our purchasing power is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It has levelled mountains in search of fossil fuels and minerals, brought species to the brink of extinction, exhausted fisheries, poisoned our water and air, and resulted in a resurgence of forced labor.

But we…

It’s a chilly morning. The small village of Kanjeru in Kikuyu town, about 20 km south of Nairobi, is still asleep. This is not the usual scenario for a Tuesday morning. Every Tuesday is market day and most people in the town wake up early in order to get an early start at the market. Tuesday is also track day here, like almost everywhere in Kenya. On this particular day, though, the town is eerily silent as everyone is at home and no runners are out running. I have just arrived at the gate of the Henry Wanyoike Foundation Training…

It’s Tuesday mid-morning and it’s already getting hot outside. Paul Swagi, the head coach of Hoops for Kids’ Basketball program in Korogocho walks into an empty school compound. Korogocho is one of the largest slum neighborhoods in Nairobi.

Korogocho neighborhood.

Paul waves and smiles at one of the security guard’s daughters. She is 8 years old and has been coming to work with her mother for the last two weeks since the government announced that all schooling should be suspended in light of the Coronavirus. Both the guard and her daughter wave back at Paul. The guard tells me her daughter wanted…

From the very start, we’ve been committed to social impact. As corny as it sounds, we’re not just making great running shoes, we want to make the world a better place.

So we’re proud to now have third party certification that we’re doing just that. We’re now a certified B-Corp.

As a B Corporation, Enda meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported us in getting here. …

We’ve seen stores offering holiday deals to die for. We’re not into that. We’re going to offer a deal to live for. A deal that will help change some people’s lives in a big way.

29th of November to 3rd of December, each pair of the Enda Itens shoes shall be retailing at $110, an extra $10 above our normal price. That extra $10 is a contribution to KenSAP.

KenSAP helps high-achieving, low-income Kenyan students access prestigious top colleges in the US. They provide much needed professional and personal support to get students ready to secure full academic scholarships.


Since the very start, we’ve been working with Kenyan athletes to design shoes and then making them in Kenya. When we say Run Kenyan, obviously we’re talking about getting in a pair of Enda Kenyan running shoes.

But Running Kenyan is more than just shoes: it’s a set of values and a way of life. So we codified those most important values in our running manifesto, our Runifesto, about what Enda stands for:

Our CEO, Nava, lays out our Runifesto.

1. Honesty

For decades, running shoes have been sold to runners using pseudoscience, bogus technology, and annual updates that force runners to…

Running is the most accessible sport in the world. It does not require specialized equipment, fancy facilities, or loads of money to get started. The only thing you shouldn’t skimp on is a good pair of running shoes.

But what is a “good” pair of running shoes?

With just about every new shoe launch, brands promise a revolution in running! New breakthrough technologies that will help us run injury-free and faster than ever before.

But when you look deeper, most of these technologies aren’t real advances that will help us improve our running. They are marketing gimmicks designed primarily to sell shoes. Each new shoe may work for some people, but generally, the promised benefits don’t materialize for most people.

These gimmicks are used to try and differentiate products. To convince us that this new shoe really will make us better, faster, stronger, and less likely to…

Tourists posing with a Kenyan athlete under the run with a Kenyan program

Kenya is full of talent, magic, and beauty and amongst all of it, two things especially make Kenya famous: the best runners in the world and the best wildlife experiences anywhere.

Many tourists who come to Kenya from around the world are drawn by the amazing wildlife, but with limited time, are forced to make a choice between wildlife and running. But it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice anymore.

We are launching a new partnership with Angama Mara to make sure runners and wildlife enthusiasts can spend their days doing what they love with the Angama Run with…

Four athletes currently wear-testing Enda’s High mileage trainer.

A large proportion of media reports on running and running commentaries usually refer to Kenyan runners as a pack, “the Kenyans”. Consequently, the individual stories of Kenyan runners — who they are, what they do, what influences them and their dreams and aspirations — remain untold. These individual stories are an important part of understanding the drive that underpins Kenyan running excellence.

At Enda, we work hand in hand with young and upcoming Kenyan athletes to make world-class running shoes. Our athletes come from different backgrounds and their individual feedback is critical to the final fit and function of the…


Making the world’s greatest running shoes in Kenya, the home of running excellence.

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