Here’s how we’re doing Black Friday differently

Nov 22, 2019 · 1 min read

We’ve seen stores offering holiday deals to die for. We’re not into that. We’re going to offer a deal to live for. A deal that will help change some people’s lives in a big way.

29th of November to 3rd of December, each pair of the Enda Itens shoes shall be retailing at $110, an extra $10 above our normal price. That extra $10 is a contribution to KenSAP.

KenSAP helps high-achieving, low-income Kenyan students access prestigious top colleges in the US. They provide much needed professional and personal support to get students ready to secure full academic scholarships.

Here’s where it gets really good: we’ll match your $10 with another $10 donation. Then a KenSAP donor will match us with another $20 donation. So in total $40 is going to KenSAP, and you’re getting a great pair of Enda Itens.

We get that Black Friday deals are designed to help us all be able to give a bit more to friends and family during the holidays. We hope you’ll take this chance to give the gift of better education to a Kenyan student and share the gift of running in the form of a pair of Itens.

Making the world’s greatest running shoes in Kenya, the home of running excellence.

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