What We Buy Matters More Than Ever

It matters where and how things are made. We’ve said this from the very beginning of Enda.

Each time you buy something, you’re making a small vote about the way you want the world to be. Which type of products should exist and how companies that make those products should operate.

Collectively, our purchasing power is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It has levelled mountains in search of fossil fuels and minerals, brought species to the brink of extinction, exhausted fisheries, poisoned our water and air, and resulted in a resurgence of forced labor.

But we have the power to turn it into a force for good. When we buy products from companies who insist on fair wages and clean manufacturing, it not only creates a direct impact with that purchase, but it creates economic incentive for other companies to follow suit.

That’s why we make running shoes in Kenya. We want to create economic opportunity for workers and their families and we hope other brands follow us and help create thousands more jobs. We’ve always considered that the primary way we’re making an impact.

We’ve always considered and taken action to reduce our environmental impact, especially by eliminating as much waste as possible in manufacturing and packaging. But today we’re proud to be going a step further and becoming Climate Neutral Certified.

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This is a new certification that means we are measuring our carbon footprint impact, offsetting it, and creating plans to reduce our emissions and other environmental impacts.

We’re one of the first brands to take up this challenge and are proud to be the first African brand to do so and be making the first Climate Neutral Certified road running shoes in the world.

We hope most of all that other brands around the world follow us. Even if you don’t wear our running shoes, you can have a role to play here by contacting the brand you like and urging them to become Climate Neutral Certified too.

Today is the perfect day to get in touch with them too, because it’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s certainly a very different Earth we live on now than when this holiday was conceived. In 1970, 3.7 billion people lived on Earth and they had an average per capita GDP of $805. Today there are 7.7 billion of us with a global per capita GDP of $11,312.

When you think of those numbers in terms of how much we consume, things start to look dangerous: in 50 years there are now more than twice as many of us on average with roughly 14 times the consumption power per person. Scientists estimate that right now we would need about 1.75 Earths to sustainably provide the resources we consume and absorb our waste.

We can do something about that. It matters where and how the things we buy are made, the future of our planet depends on it. We hope you’ll pick the most socially impactful and environmentally responsible choice (that’s us!).

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Making the world’s greatest running shoes in Kenya, the home of running excellence.

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