When you come to Kenya, Run with a Kenyan

Apr 8 · 2 min read
Tourists posing with a Kenyan athlete under the run with a Kenyan program

Kenya is full of talent, magic, and beauty and amongst all of it, two things especially make Kenya famous: the best runners in the world and the best wildlife experiences anywhere.

Many tourists who come to Kenya from around the world are drawn by the amazing wildlife, but with limited time, are forced to make a choice between wildlife and running. But it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice anymore.

We are launching a new partnership with Angama Mara to make sure runners and wildlife enthusiasts can spend their days doing what they love with the Angama Run with a Kenyan program.

Tourists running with a Kenyan athlete in the Mara

Guests at Angama Mara will have a chance to join one of the runners on their in-house running team for a morning or evening run. Distance is up to the guest, and at the end, you receive a 100% Kenyan made Enda running T-shirt exclusive to Angama reading “I ran with a Kenyan — and survived”.

You’ll also find our Enda Itens in the Angama gift shop, with a special offer: for every pair purchased, a pair is matched with it and donated to a member of the Enda Elite team to help them pursue their running career.

We’re thrilled to be launching this partnership as it’s a new way for runners to connect with Kenyan running culture, helps support athletes in need, and supports runners and community in the Matunget community around Angama Mara.


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