To have people advocate for their sexual interest in children to be considered an orientation, equivalent to straight, bi, or gay, and for it to be endorsed and publicly supported, is to deny, minimize, and otherwise spit on the experience of those who have been sexually abused.
On Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia As Sexual Orientation

How so? No one is advocating for actual abuse. In fact, they are advocating for the ability to receive mental health treatment as a form of primary prevention of child sexual abuse, and to not be reported to authorities simply for an attraction they did not in any case choose to have or experience. This includes kids as young as 13 and 14 realizing they have attractions that are out of the norm. It is an orientation of a sexual nature towards a specific age group. Researchers have even made this case. It is to help us further understand what these people experience and how to better help them live honorable, virtuous and non-offending lives. To characterize this form of prevention of CSA as somehow against those who have been abused does not follow the logic.

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