Regarding the online pornography debate. When you say you don’t offend, yet you use online child pornography because “no one is getting hurt”, you are then both misguided and a liar. Children in child pornography are not simply Hollywood child actors that receive a big payout when their movie is shot, they are children being abused on screen. They are NOT actors, they are NOT consenting, and they are often the children that make up the statistics of missing and exploited kids who’s profiles you read on the back of milk boxes. Watching child porn is NOT a benign activity that “doesn’t hurt anyone”, it is actively supporting and benefiting off the sexual abuse and exploitation of a child. How is that in any way difficult to understand?
On Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia As Sexual Orientation

I agree completely here, and no virtuous non-offending pedophile condones or would ever condone the viewing, production or dissemination of child pornography.

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