I Call MORE Bullshit!!!
David Montgomery

I’m surprised (pleasantly, in fact) that you took the time and such formality and effort to respond to my query. I can see you are one for verbiage and, while coming off a bit pompous, it’s admirable in how you use it.

I’m well aware that Christ wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the Gospels or in His Messianic message to us all. But He certainly made it clear that what comes out of a man’s mouth had the potential to defile and offend not only Him but others to whom followers of Christ should be seeking to so let their light shine to. Surely you would agree that while being bold in declaration of the Gospel message, we do not want to be overbearing or make a man an offender for a word, as you have done with Ender. I’m not sure how you get the idea in anything that he has written that he at all promotes any sort of illicit, illegal, and immoral behavior of any kind; quite the opposite, in fact, and one only has to read his opening bio, as well as his posts, to see just what it is he is about.

Now the good Lord is not a fan of deceit, slander, or lies, is He? So do tell, if you have witness against this man, will you demonstrate it, will you try the spirits to see if they are of God, will you help Ender and others to see the error of his ways if he has truly gone off the path of light? Because as far as I can tell, beyond your great display of words, (which Paul had some choice words himself about when it came to where the real power of Gospel preaching lies), you are nothing more yourself than a whited wall, an empty sepulchre that contains nothing of any real substance in your argumentation, though it may look pretty on the outside.

Also, you question my station as a duly ordained minister of Christ, and yet I must ask, where did your authority come from? For no man taketh that honour unto himself, except he that is called of God, as was Aaron. And we know Aaron didn’t receive the priesthood from degrees or a piece of paper. He received it by the laying on of hands by one who held that authority, an authority that can be traced backed to the very Lord and Saviour Himself.

I bid you good day, sir.

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