New Pricing with Dollars and Sense
Isaak Dury

This is a really disappointing change. My club is pretty small, we have exactly 50 members and just over 100 contacts on tidyhq.

$468 US a year just to keep reminding our members to renew their yearly membership is ridiculous. When I first found tidyhq it was great, I didn’t have to keep checking the membership list and email or reminding people anymore all for the eminently reasonable cost 1.5% transaction fees.

You talk about adding all these features but small clubs don’t need that, or a bunch of support. Your new free option is only suitable for a club that has just started, and your basic option very expensive for what you get. Give us some certainty and charge a flat fee per contact and it would be more reasonable to keep using the service.

For now we’ll take our business elsewhere.

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