Use of Sirikit for iOS and WatchOS Apps and Its Important Features

In today’s world, people have become dependent on the internet for almost all of task. With the advent of smartphones and applications, people are harnessing the power of the internet to organize their lives. Whether it comes to scheduling to do list, checking and managing finances, entertainment or much more, people are dependent on various applications developed on various platforms. Smartphones such as iPhone by Apple took over the market with its innovative features and functionalities with quite an ease.

After the introduction of first iPhone, a new era of GUI design started. It fulfilled the requirements of the users around the world with its unique design and interface which was unmatched for quite a long time. iPhone app development acquired an important place in this scenario as people wanted customized applications as per their requirements.

In October 2011, Apple introduced iPhone4s with its proprietary technology, Siri, a virtual assistant which nobody expected. It introduced a new range of UX design known as Conversational User Interface.

At present, almost all companies have offered their own voice assistants which are connected with chats or messengers to assist their users to manage their daily tasks. As application developers, there are endless possibilities to integrate their solution with these state-of-the — art voice interfaces. When it comes to iPhone users, they have created a new market for every iPhone app development company.

In this article, various aspects of Siri and its framework are duly explained, and their features are outlined. But it is important to know what Siri exactly is.


For people who don’t know more about Apple products, the basic thing to keep in mind is that Siri is an integral part of iPhone since iOS5. It is an offered solution from Apple which works as a personal assistant on iPhone, and now it has been successfully integrated into different devices such as watchOS. New applications for iOS and watchOS developed by any iOS app development company provides them an opportunity to capture iPhone user market. The application developers of these companies can integrate and attach their solutions with Siri by the use of Sirikit.


It is a framework which is created for iOS developers which allow them to add features to their applications with a personal assistant developed by Apple. The application users can complete various tasks without any need of touching the application icon, as they can use their voice to do so.

This allowed applications for iOS and watchOS to interact with users in a flexible and seamless way, providing them the capability to gather information without handling the iPhone or Apple Watch.

At present, SiriKit is only available for iOS 10 and newer versions, but it is expected that framework will also be implemented with other Apple devices such as iWatch.

To hire iOS app developer, it is important to know that he is fully aware of various characteristics and inherent features of SiriKit.

Using SiriKit with App

There are a plethora of features which can be created using the voice assistant.

SiriKit can be used in the context of:

· Messaging — It allows the iPhone to send text messages via an application. It is an important feature for iPhone app development company as it enables its developers to integrate the messaging feature into their application.

· Audio and Video Calling — The user can start an audio or video call by simply activating voice assistant and ask the iPhone to dial the calls.

· Search Images — It allows the user to search images as per content type.

· Payment Facility — The user can request payments from people via voice assistant.

· Climate Control — The users can control the climate of their car through applications.

Visual Interface

Siri is generally a software which uses conversational user interface. It means that the commands are initiated and executed through voice. For every iOS app development company, there is a requirement to design a visual interface to achieve features in the applications. With the assistance of Intent UI, a tool prepared by Apple, the developers can create extensions for Siri and Maps. It provides UI elements which are required to show the response to the user.

This feature is an important aspect of iPhone app development as developers can integrate visual interface to iPhones which assist the users to interact with the application seamlessly. This feature is quite useful to create applications for iOS and watchOS to provide a better interface to the devices for better functionalities to the user.

Impressive UX

To hire iOS app developer, make sure that he knows the features of SiriKit to develop functionalities which boost user experience. Following are the typical interactions with Siri which are quite useful

Speech — The user issue a command.

Intent — It defines the response of the app to a spoken command.

Action — The application responds to the intent and takes appropriate action.

Response — Confirmation of action from the user after the performance of the command.

These interactions allow the user to interact with the application in an effective way which leads to a satisfactory user experience.