iOS 11 — Top 10 things you have to know

It doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone App development company or just a simple person trying to exist in this world. Because what you are going to read will take you by storm. The original iOS App development company Apple made a very delightful announcement earlier this year that they are releasing their eleventh main entry of the iOS mobile operating system — iOS 11.

Now what is iOS 11? iOS 11 is the grand successor of the iOS 10 mobile operating system. It is the most beautiful and polished iPhone operating system we always wanted, but never really got.

Now, leading iOS app development company — Apple have released 4 betas exclusively for developers so that they can preview what’s the future of iPhone application development companies. Three public betas have also been released by them, major focus here is to give the audience a taste of what they have in store.

After some high end research we sorted a list of — Top 10 things you should know about the upcoming iPhone operating system

#1 Realistic Siri

Vastly popular and the unofficial mascot of the iPhones, Siri do mostly everything you tell it to do. Things like putting up alarms, organizing your diary and setting up reminders are handled well by Siri. It can even do a web search, provide you with instant answers as well as respond to texts and emails. But Siri was introduced by the best iPhone developers Apple as your personal assistant. And with the release of iOS 11 they are getting closer to that. In this version Siri has been updated with more realistic male and female voices. According to the iPhone developers Siri’s new voice features are packed with better pronunciation and realism. Siri uses your own actions and preferences to present you with better support and suggestions. Moreover, Siri can now translate English to a variety of other languages.

#2 Control Center

The control center in iOS 11 comes down to just one panel. The previous version used three panels which limited user engagement and convenience. Now all the options in the control center can be accessed on a single panel easily. 3D touch feature is also present which basically is hard touching the screen for more controls.

#3 Design

Now lets talk about the design and overall beautification of the operating system. The theme and presentation is very engaging and soothing to the eyes. If you are an iPhone development company you’ll simply love the new design. Simple yet effective strategy has been adopted by Apple this time which is one of the most strongest part of this version. The notification center has been merged with the lock screen as a single screen. The lock screen is now capable of showing all the notifications(this option can be changed by the user).

#4 Apps are smarter

The iPhone App development company Apple has introduced some new enhancements and “smartness” in their apps. Apple Pay can now be used between friends to do purchasing or bank transactions. It is the easiest and quickest way to manage money. iMessage also got an update to better sync conversations between multiple devices. If you delete your messages on one device, then it will be deleted from all the devices. So just be a little careful. Also the Apple Maps has introduced a brand new indoor feature which shows you the indoor map as well of any place. This has set the bar a lot higher by the iPhone developers.

#5 Camera

Just like in the past, camera is once again a key and important part of the iPhone universe. Apple imposes lots of focus on the camera and it’s features. This iOS 11 camera will feature long exposure effect which will help you take amazing quality motion photos. Also the photos and videos take less storage space now due to the compression technology. This means you have got lots of storage space to work around with. Low light pictures will be now powered with HDR.

#6 Better AR

iOS 11 will have better support for AR as it is the latest and the more advanced version of it’s predecessors. There will be much more involvement of augmented reality in the iPhone world. More apps will become available which will let you put virtual objects in real world like household items, clothing and much more. The futuristic technology will be in your hands. The ARKit is also included in this version which is basically meant for iPhone app development companies.

#7 Keyboard

The keyboard has been updated to look more convenient and functional. It now gives you never seen before features like quick type one handed keyboard. This function shifts all of your touch keys over to one side (either left or right). This lets you use your phone and at the same time type with just one thumb press.

#8 ARKit

ARKit is an augmented reality app maker which provides detailed and fantastic AR experience on the iOS devices. It takes advantage of sensors and camera built in the iPhone. It is the part of the iOS 11 operating system and will help various iPhone app development companies all around the world to create some quality apps.

#9 Compatible Devices

The iOS 11 will be compatible with iPhones ranging from the 5s to the 7plus, iPads from iPad Mini 2 to iPad pro 2nd generation and the iPod touch of the sixth generation.

#10 Release Date

And finally the release date. iOS 11 is scheduled to be launched sometime in Q3 of 2017 along with the release of new iPhones.

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