Top 5 iPhone App Development Trends of 2017 You Need To Know

Apple has long been one of the most innovative technology minds that the world has witnessed and the innovator is apparently particular about the quality of his innovations. One such example is iOS and Apple has laid strict guidelines for iPhone app development. Along with this, there are continuous updates in the iOS application development trends based on the latest user trends and the innovation involved.

So let us learn some of the latest trends of iPhone application development, that you need to know in 2017:

1) Swift 2 Coding:

The objective C-coding that the iOS app developers used to deploy for iOS application development is overtaken by the Swift 2 coding platform. The Swift 2 coding platform has an optimized set of frameworks that enhances the speed of app development. With this, the swift coding platform presents high customization perks and simple coding benefits, thus making the iPhone app development process more optimized.

2) Location Tracking Functionality Is A Must:

In order to analyze the user trends and to know their preferences, location tracking is one of the key aspects of any business. However, the location tracking standard in iOS devices i.e. iBeacon requires large data inputs for accurate location tracking, thus draining the device battery significantly. So you need to hire a professional iOS application development Company that can help you optimize the location tracking functionality of the iBeacon technology making it a less draining.

3) High Security Standards

There is a rising concern for security against the increased rate of security breaches through mobile applications. The iPhone community has recently raised the security standards of iOS application development, making the in-app purchase mode more secure and robust against security breaches. So you need to hire iOS app developer who is talented and experienced enough to develop a purely secure app solution for your business.

4) IoT and Wearable Technology Is On The Rise

Internet of Things cannot be ignored owing to the fact that it has been at the center of focus for many rising businesses today. The new technology has given rise to the sensor-based functionalities and surely adds to the convenience of the users. You can confidently invest in the field of IOT enable app solutions with the help of a capable iPhone app development company for great ROIs in the near future. On the other end, the Apple wearable market is also on the rise and you need to ask your iOS application development partner to make it compatible with various wearable devices.

5) Easy Synchronization Across Multiple Devices With Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has moved on to influence the iPhone application development process for easy synchronization across multiple devices. The cloud technology further helps in reducing the size of the app through cloud storage utilization and enhances the app’s performance. This hints you to hire iOS app developer who holds a profound expertise in the field and is able to employ the newest of technology innovations in the sector.

Following these trends can help you gain a recognized spot in the highly competitive iOS app world, all you need is the support of a professional iPhone app development company, for which you can connect with Endive Software at —

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