Why you should use Magento Ecommerce Development?

Ajay Goyal
Aug 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Magento — the most popular Content Manage System (CMS) for Ecommerce. It is even better than Blogger, Wordpress and Drupal in that regard. But what is it that makes this Php written platform so special. Find out here.

#1 Open Source

First things first Magento is based on and written in Php which is the most widely used language all over the world by developers. It is a freeware which means that it can be downloaded and installed for free. It is also flexible and you can add new features according to your liking in it. This can be done by installing new plug ins or creating your own add ons.

#2 Tailor made for everyone

Magento is the most important tool in the arsenal of programmers and developers because it is flexible. It can be used to create small, even single person projects and at the same time can be used to create large scale development projects. It can be shaped into your requirements easily.

#3 Ecommerce Perfection

Magento developer can sit calm and content as it is not very difficult to create difficult Ecommerce platforms with Magento. The main reason behind it’s development was solely Ecommerce. This clearly makes it better than it’s competitors who are all good in their own way but not on the same level. It comes stock with loads of features and you can also modify it’s functionalities. Because of these features Magento development Company is very instrumental in Ecommerce success.

#4 SEO friendly

Being loaded with amazing and additional search engine optimization(SEO) features you can say that it is very SEO friendly. It helps you get huge inbound traffic generate more searches for your brand. With several URL options, metas, sitemaps and keywords and stocked with Google Maps it will give full power and control of SEO in your hands. How and what would you like to use is totally up to you. This is the reason why Magento Ecommerce Development websites are so popular, marketable and doing great business.

#5 Mobile commerce supportive

It is really a great feature for a Magento Web development as it supports mobile commerce also. Mobile phones are already used greatly to purchase products online

and in the coming years this mobile commerce is expected to increase drastically. Magento Community edition as well as the Magento Enterprise edition both lets you develop exclusive mobile shopping features and services. It is surely a great way to achieve some quick Ecommerce success as not a lot of companies usually go for mobile commerce development but it is certainly going to rule the Ecommerce in future.

#6 Great community support

Magento has a massive panel or you can say community of highly learned Magento developers who help other magento ecommerce developers. They solve all the technical issues via forums and portals. If someone is stuck at a certain point or just need some pointers from the expert they can just post their query in the forums and developers from all around the world are present there to answer.

#7 Full Creative Control

Magento offers full creative power to the user. Users can install themes according to their liking, customize any feature of their online store, offers portability to mobile commerce. Having this type of control power lets users and developers to create the online store of their choice and preference without compromising on quality.

#8 Easily Manageable

Here is another reason why Magento development Company is so popular among the developers. It can be easily managed by a single admin panel. Yes a single admin panel can be used to manage all your online Ecommerce stores. This helps in saving a lot of

hardwork and time and at the same time improves company sales. It supports multi language, manages order and shipping.

#9 High performance

With high query processing speed and faster page loading and many other performance related trackers Magento is the one solution to a magento developer company.

So here were some reasons which you should surely keep in mind while going for Ecommerce development and are stuck between choosing the right Ecommerce development platform. If you want to get an amazing Ecommerce website/ online shopping portal for yourself then look no further than Endive Software. They offer top notch digital solutions such as Ecommerce development, App development as well as Web development.

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