Endless partner launches crowdfunding campaign to build data literacy in Kenyan schools

One week left to support Lumen Labs’ Indiegogo campaign to build computer labs powered by Endless OS in rural Kenya

by Geri Vahey

Hi Endless fans! We wanted to share some exciting details about a crowdfunding campaign by Lumen Labs to improve education in rural Kenya and hope that you’ll consider participating. Lumen Labs has kicked off a campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to improve digital literacy among students in rural Kenya through data collection projects. We’re thrilled that Lumen chose the Endless Operating System as the foundation for this innovate educational approach. There’s just one week left to raise $11,000 to help Lumen reach its goal to establish the first Lumen Labs in the Mtito Andei and Muhuru Bay regions in Kenya. In these labs, students will learn how to ask questions, then collect and analyze data from their communities to gain digital and critical thinking skills.

Lumen co-founders Ruby Au and Rick Kiilu want to equip students with more than a fundamental math and science education. From Kenya to California, students and adults are presented with increasing amounts of data, so it’s increasingly imperative that they learn how to become data literate. This means learning how to both interpret and challenge assumptions by digging into the details and understanding more than just the surface facts. Lumen teaches students how to broaden their analysis by considering who has presented the data, whether it is complete, and by assessing the methods of gathering and analyzing the data.

Similar to most rural Kenyan schools, educators struggle to provide a modern education. Without access to computers, teachers struggle to make information accessible to students and young adults. What many cultures think of as basic infrastructure — computer hardware and internet access — is unattainable in rural Kenya, where internet access is extremely unreliable or simply doesn’t exist at all.

Endless to the rescue! Founder Ruby Au remarked, “the unique features of the Endless operating system, from their incredible ease of use, to the wide variety of instructional and engaging apps that provide value even without the internet, made them the perfect technology platform. In one memorable moment, students used the Endless Encyclopedia to look up a photograph of the ocean for the first time.”


“Endless is honored to be a foundational technology partner for this amazing project,” said Roberta Antunes, CMO of Endless. “The requirements they requested: applications to teach kids 21st-century skills like word processing, spreadsheets, and data management, coupled with our extensive library app that works offline or online, made us a perfect fit. The depth of Lumen Labs’ program — to develop critical thinking skills as students gather and analyze data — will serve these students and their community for years to come.”

Please join us in supporting Lumen Labs’ Indiegogo campaign in their final week, and keep an eye out for more information about this exciting project!