Depression can come along at any time and hit you in the gut. Having recently been through a terrible breakup, I have found myself being depressed. I’m not normally a depressed person and don’t have any issues with long term depression, so I decided to try and cheer myself up! Here are a few things I have done to beat my blues. And I still have bad days, of course, but it is getting better. Sometimes I have to make myself do these things, but I am always glad when I do because I always feel better! Get Out! Something

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Application, Dosing and Side Effects For men who experience complications with uncontrolled depression, there are many drug choices on the market today. While some physicians may be inclined to supply traditional anti-depressant medications, there are many new prescription medications for depression on the market today. As a man, when considering your options for mental health treatment, be certain to ask your physician about both traditional medications as well as extended release drugs that have been placed on the market in more recent years. One extended release anti-depressant that is becoming increasingly more common for men is a drug known as

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The day my daughter was born was the best day of my life. It was also the start to the worst days of my life. The feeling of hate towards myself became to much for me to handle and eventually lead to me attempting suicide by driving my car into a telephone pole. I never imagined that I would become one of those that suffered from postpartum depression. I always imagined that people that have postpartum depression are usually in a bad situation and just can’t cope with life. I guess I always figured that postpartum depression was an excuse

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If a male friend, co-worker or companion seems frequently irritable, angry and withdrawn it may not be anger that he is displaying. Since cultural conditioning makes it unacceptable for men to show various forms of sadness, especially crying, many men retreat to the only option typically available to them. Anger quite often is the typical male emotion and one boys are taught from a young age that they may freely display. While nearly one third of the people who suffer from depression in the United States, the majority of the people who seek help for the condition are women. Men tend

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An Article to Comfort the Desperate and Sad I always had a positive outlook on everything when I was younger. In fact, up until this year, I could still find the good in every negative situation. When I became depressed, though, everything changed dramatically. I cant explain how confused I was. Nothing had happened to make me feel the way I did; it really just came out of nowhere. Being a person who looks to logic for explanation, I was not only depressed and confused, but irritated. I kept thinking, “This is not normal. Humans are not supposed to feel

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Three weeks ago I voluntarily entered a rehabilitaion center for depression. It wasn’t my first time to see the hospital, three months ago I had entered for the same thing, but due to fresh instability that trip was less than enjoyable. I was resistant to any help and sad, a bad combination. At 2 a.m, with my parents supportively trailing behind, we entered the ER. The sign that read “emergency” iridescently shone in red, and welcomed us through the sliding glass door to the front desk. Upon completion of some brief paperwork, I scowered the lobby for any open seats.

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At the End of that Dark Tunnel of Despair There is a Warm Glowing Light There are many different ways that people can suffer from depression. A lot of times people have issues they can not handle, such as the loss of a loved one, a death in the family or even just lots of stress at work. The main thing to remember is that having depression is normal and you need to make the right choices in getting the help you need to get through your problems. One cause of depression can be any personal problems that you are

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Depression is not experienced in the same manner and to the same extent by all age groups and sexes. It is a well known fact that women experience depression more than men. This is true regardless of economic status, racial and ethnic background. There are many factors responsible for this difference in the experience of depression. Research has shown that hormonal, biological, life cycle and psychological factors are mainly responsible for the higher rate of depression in women as compared to men. Research has also shown that the chemical processes of the brain, that control mood and emotions, are directly

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Some people suffering with certain mental disorders, such as agoraphobia, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder or deep depression, may have difficulty leaving their home. This may be a reason why a person with one or a combination of these disorders are reluctant to go and see a mental health therapist. If you are looking to speak with a therapist, but would like to do it from the comfort of your own home, you might have that option if you can find a therapist who does telephone sessions. You could do an online search for mental health therapists who do telephone counseling.

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Harry Potter fans have been waiting with baited breath for several years to find out what’s going to happen to the boy wizard. Will he defeat Voldemort? Will he die? With each new novel, a big portion of the world has followed Harry’s adventures with the anticipation of that holy Hogwarts grail known as “Book 7.” With only days before its official release, fans are at the peak of Harry Potter excitement. But let’s face it — reality will come soon enough. With all the excitement that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is bringing when it hits store shelves,

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