Hush, Hush

To the lady beside me in the public transport last night, I wished I asked you why were you crying.

I heard you sob and in my peripheral vision I saw how many times you wiped the tears rolling down your cheeks. I felt you move a bit to reach your bag and get your handkerchief, then you wiped your tears again.

For a moment you stopped crying but when your phone beeped and you read the mesage, you started wiping your face again, I know for sure that your tears fell uncontrollably

I’m not someone to assume of your current issue but I hope you’ll feel better. I badly want to tap your shoulder and tell you that everything’s going to be okay, but I’m just a stranger.

I remember an instance in my life when I was so down and honestly I was holding back tears inside a jeepney; I just came from work. For me, a simple statement like, “you’re going to be fine” will mean so much to me at that very moment. I hope you get to feel that you will be fine.

I have no idea of what you’re going through, but cheer up, get up one more time. Life may throw you into situations that you will doubt goodness, trials that will test your faith, events that will question your strength but carry on, you are created to be an overcomer. You can cry, sob, shout and release your frustration but after releasing those emotions, get back up. Stand, and when you stand, I hope you stand firm.

I have my own share of hurt, pain and heartaches caused even by people very dear to me and it’s devastating but I choose to forgive.

I forgive because a Savior died for me. Sinner as I am, He still saved me, He saved us. He first forgives, every single time we come to Him with big or small sin. He loves us beyond what our minds can comprehend. Ofcourse, it wasn’t easy but I learned that if you trust and believe in Him, He provides this so called “grace” that will enable you to move forward with life despite the hump on your road. He loves you and me.

I went out from the public vehicle with a sad heart that I wasn’t able to at least comfort you but my prayer goes with you. This too shall pass and I believe you will be fine.

Hush, dear, you are loved. Hush dear, His arms are wide open to give you a hug.

You will be alright. *Hugs*

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