Energo‘s weekly report 2017.11.18 — — 2017.11.24

Philippines Microgrid Project Updates

Work completed

iOS:i, Android:A , Web:W , Backend:B

* Completed Dashboard User-Smartmeter Data (i)

*Completed Dashboard Chart Data (i)

*Completed Dashboard module UI 80%(A)

*Completed Market module UI 30 %(A)

*Completed Ledger module UI 30%(A)

* Market module(A)

·Fixed dialogue box UI of trade password

·Fixed some bugs new users will meet

*Tested several Market module functions(A)

·Market password module

·Transaction module

·Market Chart module

·Data consistency between Energo App and web backend

·Market module UI

*Modified UI of User module and tested new Data API (A)

*Modified UI of Ledger module, docked with new API and added DatePickerDialog (A)

Events Notice

11.29–30 Energo Labs has been invited to attend and exhibit at a booth at Singapore BlockShow Asia 2017 Summit

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