Weekly Energo Q&A announcement

We welcome everyone to join Energo’s official community in the following ways. Through our communities, we can answer any questions you may have!

Q: Why did your COO leave? Will it have an impact on the subsequent development of the project?

A: We have already given a detailed explanation regarding the reasons behind the departure of our COO. Although we are sorry to see the departure of Ms. Kaikai Yang, Energo Labs will not be functionally affected. We will continue to advance and promote the development of blockchain technology in the field of clean energy.

Q: Isn’t it too late to launch the public chain now? After all, there are already many public chain projects on the market. What do you think makes your project competitive?

A: Over the past year, we have seen that the public chain better facilitates project development, so our team made the decision to upgrade our product to the public chain. One of our competitive strategies is to obtain substantial market resources, after which we will target our products and services to governments and energy companies.

Q: Regarding the news released in mid-August — can you tell us what kind of impact will it bring to Energo?

A: The news, which relates to product upgrades, will be issued alongside a detailed document explaining why we upgraded our products. Over the past year, Energo Labs has achieved success in some aspects as a Dapp, but overall, there are still many areas for improvement. Naturally, the next announcement is an adjustment to Energo Labs’ existing foundation. Energo Labs is a startup that aims to adjust its direction and direction as we grow. Thank you to our community users for your continued attention and support. Energo Labs will not forget our original vision.