When Candles Listen

My Aunt found a pistol under my 16-Year-old cousin bed
2 weeks after his older brother was presumed dead
Shadow boxed every demon trying to destroy her family 
She drank a beer, read the bible and asked God the reason for the abandonment?

Across the room, I lit a candle on a wooden table
Took a swig of wine
Ran my hands through the carved maple 
Took another sip of wine 
Sips of blood color liquid from where Diego was baptized 
Calmly I asked for a satisfaction from the divine

Discomposed, my aunt asked me for a sign
I thought I was the one searching, not the giver of mystics sublimes 
Shimmering for answers
What do you expect my father was a salesman and my momma a dancer
My Christian charismatic roots will bring her expectations to a stance
A shield and a lance 
Will show her the warrior in me 
An intellectual name drop 
Will make her adore me? 
All that came out was stuttering of the war in me

With the inability of giving a proper reply
I returned to sipping wine 
Gazing at the micro scratches of the maple 
Lighting a candle on the wooden table 
Letting the angels living between life and death say a prayer

Resting assure the day will not overcome the burning light
Rivers in the womb will deliberately slay death tonight 
Rhythm in the bay will harmonize without a fight 
Raising a fist, hiding the bitch and swinging at anything dark in my sight 
Being blind is easy as the words I speak 
Being a slave is easy as tying the shekels onto my own feet