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I have recently had the pleasure of discussing one of my favourite subjects….food…. with lovely local food blogger Claudine from Claudine’s Nutri Kitchen. I am definitely guilty of cooking the same old thing usually due to lack of time. Also, with one fussy eater in the family it is very easy to get stuck into a food rut. Claudine however has some great tips which are sure to get you thinking differently about what you feed yourself and your family.

How did the idea for Claudine’s Nutri Kitchen come about?

I’m currently studying nutrition and I wasn’t the best cook when I started but through trial and error and my newfound nutrition knowledge and the help of my husband we are making our meals count more. The quote I read somewhere which inspires me everyday is that ‘everything you eat is either feeding disease or fighting disease’

We all know breakfast is important but for children I think it is even more so. What are your children’s morning favourites that set them up for the day?

We tend to rotate between 3 options; eggs and sourdough toast with a side of either avocado or baked beans, porridge made with almond milk and nuts, finally the last option is a bowl of cereal (puffed quinoa or rude health multigrain flakes) with a superfood smoothie on the side. I have to say I’m not a big fan of cereal but the children enjoy it and I like them to feel included in choices so I try and minimise the sugar and salt content by being careful about what ones I buy

My youngest son is quite a fussy eater and I am sure he is not the only one! Do you have any top tips to encourage children to try different foods?

My youngest has also started becoming increasingly fussy, and I remember my son went through a similar phase, I’m not an expert my any means but from experience I think the majority grow out of it as long as you keep offering new foods and by avoiding dry or beige snacks which in my opinion keep the habit going. I also include them when I’m looking at recipe books, food shopping and some cooking. We also play the magic taste game, where you close your eyes and you feed each other and you have to describe the flavours and guess what it is. Sometimes once they have tried it they might eat more. Once there at school reasoning comes into play and we talk about what foods have vitamins that help get rid of colds or what protein foods will make them stronger or run faster.

Kids are always starving after school! Could you give us some ideas of some healthy after school snacks?

I tend to keep the snacks simple and savoury as much as possible and again I tend to rotate, sometimes it will just be a piece of fruit especially if dinner is going to be early, other days I will bring cold meat such as roast beef or a piece of chicken. Sometimes as a treat I will bring an ombar chocolate bar (they are amazing as they use coconut milk, coconut sugar and contain probiotics). My son is also a fan of cashew nuts.

I have to say I don’t always give after school snacks if dinner starts getting left.

As a busy mum I am definitely guilty of using coffee to get going in the mornings. Could you suggest a yummy but quick alternative to start the day?

I’m a big fan of green tea and green juices but in my opinion you can’t beat a cup of warm water with lemon and ginger. It cleanses your liver and makes you feel refreshed ready for the day. Coffee can be saved for mid morning when you won’t be as dehydrated. Coffee also stops your body absorbing nutrients so best away from your breakfast.

For more inspiration and gorgeous foody pics check out Claudine’s Nutri Kitchen on Instagram

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