Narrative Magazine Is Our Fault
Mike Meginnis

I have read your posting with much interest, but please, if I could give a furtherance to the warning about Jenks, please read with care: This man is a slick operator. He is skilled in creating this image that he is a seasoned professional with many contacts. If you look at his website you will get my drift. He has many a blurb from contemporary writers saying how great he is,etc. DO NOT BE FOOLED. He must work hard at soliciting these from writers he worked with in the past because in the established literary community of New York publishing, his name is mud. Why? Many years ago he was caught in a lie with Scribner — his employer at the time. He was found to be lying and was reprimanded and subsequently fired. Everyone who has any clout in this business knows about it. But it was well before the Internet age and so, by moving west with his new wife(divorced from former one), Edgarian, he started anew as an independent teacher/consultant. He got by with this pretty well thanks to lack of information being readily available — but you can look this up easily nowadays. The whole reason why he and his wife started Narrative magazine was to create some kind of draw from the literary elite (as far as writers) so Jenks and Edgarian could look good and give the illusion that if you are an unknown writer, they may ‘discover’ you! It’s all for show, folks and to make money, of course. Also, Edgarian had one novel published by Random House, but it did so poorly that she was discontinued from her contract and her book went out of print. They were both desperate to get her published again by a mainstream press, so they started Narrative. Edgarian went to Stanford and knows the Packer family (they’re all successful writers). She did succeed in getting a second novel taken on by Scribner (ironically), but it, too, has proven to be another dog , and like the first novel, it will soon go out of print. She will be left without a legitimate publisher for any subsequent work, more than likely. She’s a lousy writer, thin ability at best, but both are good at the PR machine and rendering the illusion that they have heft and importance. Only to the ignorant West Coast community (but even here and elsewhere, ever notice how Jenks is never included for writers conferences and the like? That’s very telling right there). The established New York community knows better and is wiser. Also, if you look up Jenks’ own books, it’s pretty laughable. His publisher is Lulu. That should tell you everything you need to know. Stay away from these people, they are a nightmare and Jenks — if you ever decide to have him edit or consult your work — will rob you blind.

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