How to get your Facebook social engagement count

The content marketing world was rocked in August when Facebook changed their API to make it more difficult to get social engagement metrics for URLs shared on Facebook’s platform. This resulted in the popular SharedCount service announcing their shutdown. All of a sudden it became much harder to get social engagement numbers for URLs you care about.

Why should you care?

Knowing how articles are being interacted with online is vitally important. It lets you know what content is resonating with y0ur audience. This helps direct your content strategy towards topics that matter with your audience.

Not only is it useful to track your how your own content is performing but it is also useful to track how your competitors’ content performs. This information can also be vital to informing your content strategy.

How do you get the data?

EngagedCount was created to fill the void left by SharedCount and others closing down. EngagedCount offers a simple web form for looking up individual URLs and an API for programatic access to the data. With these tools you can start tracking how articles you care about are performing.

In addition to Facebook engagements, EngagedCount provides numbers for LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. With all of this data you gain great insight as to how your articles are performing. Here is a how-to guide on using Google Sheets with EngagedCount’s API to build an excellent tracking tool.