Do you really want to grow…

in consciousness???

I’d been receiving ‘treatments’ from “these women” for several years, sometimes nearly unable to find my way home after a session because I felt so affected by the work.

At the time, none of those of us who had begun to work with them had a clue what they were ‘doing’, only that we’d never felt this way before and the revelations they brought through were music to one’s soul. Now I can say they were doing energy work on the chakra system, standing on chairs, stepping on my back, swatting the air with their arms and making occasional clucking sounds as they ‘worked.’

This was cutting edge at the time, and we felt very secretive about telling others what we’d come across. I’d experienced all manner of skepticism, criticism, mmmhmmmm’s for many years. This was just another woo-woo according to anyone else’s opinion. Not me. I was IN.

Anyone who stays on the inner search long enough, if they are lucky, runs into the wall of egoic content, the patterns and protections well held in place by years of choosing survival of self, small ‘s’. I remember one woman who started with us on this adventure saying, “I thought I was a pretty good person until all of this.” We were all able to laugh, even then. It’s not that much fun at times to confront oneself. Now that is/was the definition of growth!

At the time, old cycle programs were not being jettisoned for this current, astonishing influx of cyclic evolutionary energies that can be felt as grace. That meant the methods and ‘advice’ given was indeed confrontational to the ego, which meant sacrificing something; which meant more ‘suffering’ to the ego. But, since it was the e g o that was suffering, what the heck, let’s martyr some more! I look back now, still mostly in gratitude, throw out all that which reinforced the ‘old’ way, and smile at the determination I carried to G R O W.

After all, I’m a seed!

‘Heart Seed’ — Jeanie Tomanek

PS — -this was part II in case you read You HAVE to call these women

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