I Keep Busy…

I keep busy with paraphernalia.

I write often in my secret language of desire.

I tell You about Yourself — how You are doing

on my jagged landscape.

Yesterday I replanted my heart again.

It has grown so wild that nothing can contain it for too long.

I have found new seeds.

I do not know what they will become.

Maybe they will flower.

Maybe You can use them.

Meanwhile, there is a life to be lived!

I hope You like what I am doing — it is very confusing being me.

Christian Schloe

One day You may tell me why You push up through me like the sunrise.

Why the sky needs my light.

Until then I will be passable,

a way to travel on an alternative route,

And in the haphazardness of time,

I may become Your heaven

or better yet

Your Earth.

Author: Unknown

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