Where Are You?

I’ve been watching, feeling, avoiding, and hiding from you all day. You crept up on me again during the night.

Where Am I?

Here it comes….a wave. You come in waves and I soften so I can stay until you speak, whisper, cry or run away again. You don’t really throw tantrums. Rather, you withdraw or pout…mostly you just contract, shrink, pretend and wait for someone to come find you and assure you that it’s not true.

Here I Am. Let me listen to you one last time. Won’t you trust me? I know a better way. It’s here — a numinous threshold of being. But first, you must let go…go home…all the way home to the Infinite. Only there can you become whole again, blossom or fade according to the Great Design. That part isn’t up to us. We are the small pieces of the ONE, yet the ONE is our entire being.

It’s tricky, I know. But you will never look back or regret saying ‘Farewell’ to this old, dark, airless container. Plus, you no longer need this. Maybe once you did need this protection because you forgot the light is always available and had to create a refuge to survive. You were so good at crawling into your shell, pulling in, vowing never to come out — EVER.

If you can find one drop of willing, one pinch of ready, and one dose of able, the magic will sweep in and collect you in a nanosecond, faster that the speed of light, cuz that’s how fast light travels to an opening to Truth. Grace.

In addition, I have located you using my sat nav. You know, there’s no hiding anymore. I sat until you showed up behind my own heart, then used my spine to move up into my head so you could spread out into the wave — that wave I mentioned above. Emotion. Energy In Motion.

Let’s go. It’s past time. LEAP into the unknown and at last come Home.

Join the Light of Being. It’s Who You Are.

Freydoon Rassouli

“This place where you are right now, God has circled on a map for you.”

Hafiz ❤

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