Women Hold Up Half The Sky

Personally, there are times I feel we whole up the whole damned sky! 
However, that’s an emotion from my wtf moments…of being used up, exhausted, or ready to throw the towel in. Most of the time, I have come to see we all hold up this sky — boys and girls together.

I woke up this morning with a feeling of wishing there were global ceremonies, and perhaps there are or will be….called “Women Hold Up Half the Sky.” These would be created, hosted and offered by men… men who get it >>>that women are not to be feared (for that is what set much of this ancient cycle in motion, i.e. suppression of women, which is putting it mildly) — men who have sensed their own feminine qualities — SAY IT BOYS! — those feminine qualities that are a natural part of your being. It’s the cruelty of words & language that have created falsehood after falsehood toward preventing you from comfortably stepping into those beautiful parts of yourselves that DO support women and that women desperately need at this time. Of course, words and language inCLUDE ‘people’. ;)

I see you. I see me. I see that we are all sacred, divine beings in our *human* process of becoming whole again. I see that there is no blame — for there is no time for such a useless endeavor anymore. The cycle of victimization/martyrdom by whatever words you may use is O-V-E-R. Standing in one’s audacious, autonomy first, then in collaboration after collaboration of harmonies and chords that grow toward the song of humanity in endless creative possiblity — shall I go on? No need — I feel much lighter now. I can keep holding my piece of sky. These imaginings are new to me…new to me too.

I’ve excelled at doing life ‘the hard way’. But I’m letting go now. My way is not a sustainable way to a better way. Jettison everything. Don’t look back. Leap into the rivers of real life — life waiting to shine, share, shape worlds of beauty, joy, kindness, celebration of life, and whatever, truly whatever your heart can imagine ❤.

That’s why my day started with imagining being held by the divine masculine as my divine feminine keeps holding up Her little piece of the sky.

Jamie Heiden
  • if you happened to notice the little asterisks above, I placed them to honor those of the light who have been holding the sky too — invisibly, powerfully and happily unacknowledged* since before there was a word called ‘time’. I love you ever so deeply. Keep SHINING * * *
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