Secrets of Simon Building 4

A time came when I was leaving for London to carry out my first professional consulting services for NatWest Bank. I have had gone for professional consulting services before but all those visits were assisted by senior consultants of Wolfson Maintenance. This time it was different. Now I would be all alone with the client.

So I was a bit anxious about how to engage and handle a client. Hence I thought it better to ask Prof Henry for his advice.

Gauging the situation, he offered, with great encouragement, three pieces of advice, which were:

  1. Take such opportunities to learn something new. Reflect on what you see to create new knowledge.
  2. Share that knowledge with the client — something which the client was unaware of. Be doubly sure of what you share. Exchange rationally with empathy and enthusiasm. There should neither be any obvious mistake in your understanding of a situation nor should you display any lack of commitment to help the client perform better.
  3. An ongoing relationship with the client depends on this continual exchange of new knowledge shared with empathy and commitment. And it is always a matter of perception. For the client, you would be as good as your previous exchanges. If those were good the relationship would grow over time, else the relationship is bound to decay

Invaluable advice that successfully launched me into the world of professional consulting.

Almost three decades later his wisdom still shines as a leading becon in my profession, which I love so much.

I also realize that I would be better off hanging my boots when I would find myself struggling to create and exchange new knowledge.

Conversely, I would love to remain as a professional so long I enjoy creating new knowledge for self and others. That is the crux of the whole game.