An Open Letter To The Person Who Robbed My Family
Amanda Mancino-Williams

The first time I was burgled, the thief stole the cheese from the fridge. The thief stole most of the contents of the kitchen and dining room but a a locked door saved the rest of the house. I had bought, the day before, having saved for it, a good quality eight inch cook’s knife. I never did replace that knife. My wife said “Oh well, let’s have a cup of tea and get over it.” before she returned from the kitchen heartbroken to tell me: “They took the kettle!”

That was in 1981. I have lived in several homes since then and been hit by thieves once in 1999 losing cameras and gold watches; suffered three attempts on my van, losing on the last my new stereo system and worst of all: I lost some stuff from a lock-up garage in 2009 so I refitted better locks and bolts but that garage was emptied three more times in one year, eventually they stole the locks as well as thousands of pounds worth of tools, all uninsured as it turns out because it was not part of our house.

Unlike you, I do wish harm on the disgusting shits who robbed us. Unlike you, I can forgive a lot but not theft. I list the miseries of life roughly as: war, murder, torture, rape, slavery, etc as the top tier; second to that physical crime upon the person is the taking of property, I don’t really care about people who lie slightly on an insurance claim nor the office workers with the unspoken “perks” of paper clips and stationery, I mean the intentional stealing of ordinary people’s goods. Most burglary occurs among neighbours. People are stealing from other people who have as little or even less than them. Junkies are stealing easy cash items from the likes of you and me. Those who steal are not able to think of you as human, they are not poor, starving folk trying to survive, they are uncaring and unthinking: talking about your children’s losses and pain has no effect on those thieves, if they heard you they’d just laugh. Your words made me cry. Me, a grown man, I cried, they, thieves, did not cry. They do not care how much they changed your children, they care about themselves and give your children’s toys to their own kids. Your stolen artifacts are the earnings of their work.

I loathe and despise thieves and if I could catch them stealing from me I would happily kill them because they are of no use to humanity, like wasps, they are unproductive parasites. I hate wasps.

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