Bangkok travel advice

Here are the useful Bangkok travel advice when travel to Bangkok. This article includes the emergency services, transportation, language, currency, Credit Cards, Banks, eating, shopping and attractions. It will help you get to know what, where and how to travel in Bangkok.

  1. Emergency services & Transportation

Emergency services: In case of emergency, you should know the most important numbers in Bangkok. Please dial:

l Police: 191

l Tourist Police: 1155

l Medical Assistance: 1669

l Firefighters: 199

Transportation: The first step to start your journey is arm yourself with a decent map with street names in English and Thai. It is recommended to take the taxi when you come to Bangkok. You should also avoid rush hour, ask the driver to switch his meter on and take care of your personal effects. There are also smoke-belching tuk-tuks, hair-raising motorbikes and thrilling canal boats to choose from.

2. Language, Currency& Credit Cards and Banks

l Language: Thai is the local language, although all young people are taught basic English at school, and many signs are written in English.

l Currency: Thai Baht is the local currency, exchanging at around 32 baht per dollar.

l Credit Cards and Banks: ATMs are common, and while credit card acceptance is common, it is wise to use cash where possible as card fraud can be a big problem.

3. Eating and Drinking

There are plenty of restaurants and fast food eateries. Be cautious about buying food from street vendors, look for one that’s busy serving the locals — the food there will be good. Water and other soft and alcoholic drinks can be bought in supermarkets and convenience stores. From street food to fine dining, Bangkok has an amazing range of food on offer. Tom Yum Kung soup, Som Tam(green papaya salad) and Thai curry are on the must-list for you.

4. Shopping & Bargaining

After a whole day journey, you must want to the wonderful thing-shopping. In addition to the most unique Bangkok bags, you can buy a variety of Thai characteristic goods, such as Thai silk and handicrafts, unique T-shirt and a variety of popular Thai food. If there’s no price tag, it can be bargained down. You can shave 25–50% off the seller’s asking price if you use a smile and a patient disposition.

5. Main Attractions:

There are many attractions in Bangkok, such as the Grand Palace; Wat Phra Kaeo; Wat Pho; Wat Arun; Vinanmek Palace;National Museum; Chinatown; Jim Thompson’s House; Suan Pakkard “Lettuce Farm Palace”; Chatuchuk Weekend Market; Pratunam Market and Suan Lum Night Bazaar. You can choose what you like according to our Bangkok travel advice.

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