Blitzz Engraving Company

Europe’s largest retailer of Original engraved Zippo lighters.

There is more to Zippo than lighting up your ciggy or pipe.
Zippo stands as a passport to the world of adventure and style where only ‘rare’ fits best. At ( Blitzz Engraving Company ) we are opening this world to everybody on planet earth. Use your Zippo to throw your cigarette and light it, or just a keepsake of your machismo days. Why not light up the whole city with its flickering flames (we don’t advise it).
What can cross your mind, only we have got it.
Ever Expanding Inventory. Exclusive Deals. We offer every line of Zippo lighters available today. Some are even made of polished chrome and are elegantly engraved. Others are fancy and rich with colors. Contemporary designs? Yes, we have all of them. Check our inventory. It’s updated ALWAYS.
Engrave it. Design it. Gift it.
Thinking about gifting Zippo lighter to your friend? Why not personalize it and add a tinge of love into it. Engrave a message or a name on it, or send us a photo to make a one-of-a-kind Zippo — Your Kind.

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