Mid-Season Thoughts

It’s July 8th; two months have passed since we began tryouts and two months lie ahead of us before Regionals. Sounds like the perfect time to think about what we’ve done and what needs to be in our focus for the remainder of the season.

Dayton Enigma began the tryout period on May 5th, and you could tell right away in the first couple of scrimmages that this team would be a lot of fun to play with. There were a ton of young guys ready to learn, adapt, accept their roles, and make plays; a captains dream when mixed with the right amount of experienced players. Luckily we had a number of Enigmen who wanted to come back from last year, and we were also fortunate to add some guys with high level experience from other teams.

Fast forward to our tryout tournament in Chicago and it was even more obvious that Enigma could become a formidable opponent to most teams in the Great Lakes Region. The split squad tournament went about as well as you’d expect, but there were times when both teams shined. The captains were ready to put the roster together.

I like to think that we did as good a job as we could with the roster this year. We purposefully selected the players who we felt put Enigma in the best possible position to have the most competitive year we’ve had while also maintaining/reviving the classic Enigma fun levels. Some tough decisions had to be made (as we had more tryouts than ever this year) but as a whole I continue to believe the Enigma roster is pretty sweet in 2015.

Our first real tournament of the year came a couple of weeks ago at Scinny in Lebanon, Ohio. I had high expectations for the team, but also knew that we are incredibly young and an early season tournament might not go as planned (average age for a roster player is 20.55 years). The competition at Scinny was better than years past but Enigma was coming in as the number two seed at the tournament (behind KFC). Anyway, the tournament went as well as you could hope. We won Scinny, only really playing tight games against Black Lung (twice). There are definitely areas for improvement, and that’s what practice is for, but we got the job done at the first tournament of the year and won the GOLDEN GNOME!

Moving forward we have 4 tournaments remaining (all sanctioned).

  • Three Ring Rally, July 18/19
  • Motown Throwdown, July 25/26
  • Sectionals, August 29/30
  • Regionals, September 12/13

The first two will be great chances to continue to develop our young players and also show what Dayton ultimate is about. There will be competitive teams at both tournaments and Enigma should look to compete at a high level each point. Our focus this regular season will continue to be on improvement, unity, and fun. The 2015 rendition of Enigma has done a great job on all three fronts so far, and if we can continue with that I see no reason that Enigma can’t have our best finish ever in the post season.

Sectionals and Regionals are where Enigma will prove itself. Last year we had a bit of a disappointing finish at Sectionals but placed 7th (our highest ever placing) at Regionals. This year we are hoping to push that even further!

Everyone should be coming to practice with goals in mind for themselves each week, push yourself to get better every drill and every point during a scrimmage. Keep the focus on improvement, unity, and fun. Enigma is a team on the rise, and we want to keep it that way.