10 New Year’s Resolutions for WWE.

The WWE logo has evolved, and so has the product.

As a longstanding fan, sometimes to absurdity, I find myself struggling to watch WWE programming these days. This can be attributed to many things, growing older, personality change, loss of kayfabe, Roman Reigns as the next Cena, etc. However, I am in the holiday spirit, and I have come up with ten resolutions I think WWE should make in 2016.

In no particular order, here are my ten New Year’s resolutions for WWE.

Number one: Reinstate the brand extension, and bring back the WWE draft.

A brand extension could allow for the development of many talents in WWE.

I will be the first to admit, as a child who lacked cable television in my household, I used to hate the draft. It caused what seemed hot on SmackDown to be swiftly moved away to the superior RAW brand. Some great came from the brand split though. CM Punk became a star, Edge broke through the glass ceiling, it allowed for many title runs which wouldn’t have happened any other way, like Mark Henry, JBL, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Jeff Hardy. It really allowed for new talent to be showcased. Along those lines, it also allowed for some ‘real’ competition to WWE. I found myself on the SmackDown end of the talent pool, cheering for Smackdown at the Bragging Rights pay per view events.

In 2016, the WWE could institute a brand extension for the second time in history. It’s already practically happening, just without anyone saying anything official. NXT is spectacular, it is a brand in itself. It has an Indy feel, and it brings straight-to-the-point story telling which is missing in today’s main roster WWE.

My first resolution for WWE in 2016 is to utilize all talent, and open NXT, Smackdown and RAW to the draft. The talent exchange could do all wrestlers and viewers good. NXT is a staple in south Florida, and aging wrestlers who don’t want to be on the road all the time, can give it up for some NXT roster time. Use their NXT run to reinvigorate themselves and their characters, try new gimmicks and put over younger talent. It would allow for new champions to be crowned, and constant new feuds. I for one, am tired of seeing the same old junk on a weekly basis from WWE. Earlier this year, I could’ve sworn we saw Randy Orton vs. Sheamus on ten straight RAWs. That wouldn’t happen with a brand extension. I could imagine Bray Wyatt and his family running SmackDown in to the ground, and a returning Cesaro to save the day. It seems like a no brainer, even if they don’t include NXT in the draft process, the brand extension should make a return. Especially with SmackDown moving to the USA network in a couple of weeks.

Number two: Go live with SmackDown on USA.

Mauro Ranallo will be the new voice of SmackDown in January of 2016. Maybe this means a new era for SmackDown.

Exciting news came earlier this year when the USA Network came to an agreement to gain the rights to SmackDown, as well as RAW. There have already been rumors flying wildly about this renewal for a staple in WWE’s programming. What we do know currently is, that the show has a new head voice, Mauro Ranallo, and it will be live for its debut on the network.

My second resolution for WWE this year is to make SmackDown a live show on the USA network. It wouldn’t take much shuffling for the talent to make this work. If you aren’t aware, SmackDown and Superstars is taped on Tuesdays. This allows for the talent to have a “weekend” of sorts for traveling and off time. If SmackDown went live on Thursdays, with a brand extension, talent would actually have more time off than they do now. RAW would go live on Mondays, NXT is prerecorded, and SmackDown live on Thursdays. Allowing for the talent to have the rest of the week to go about their training, and personal lives.

This would allow for talent to have a second opportunity at the live shows, and give viewers some true competition for WWE, itself. That was the original plan with the nWo, Scott Hall wanted the question to become, “Are you a WCW guy or an nWo guy?” How about this, “Are you a RAW guy or a SmackDown guy?” I think it’s a legitimate question, one that will hopefully be answered soon.

Number three: Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at ‘Mania.

Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at WrestleMania? Take my money!

It’s time, long past time, to drop the Stardust gimmick for Cody Rhodes. It was time for WWE to drop that after “The Dream” passed. My third resolution for the WWE is to drop the Stardust gimmick, and place Cody Rhodes in a WrestleMania feud with his brother Goldust.

This would be great programming. They’ve already toppled The Shield, had a decent run with the tag titles and have had numerous run-in’s in recent memory. A true blue, WrestleMania story line is due for these workhorses. I don’t even care what the gimmick for the match is, just put them together on the Grandest Stage of them All and let them showcase the talent that runs in their family. I’d like to see Goldust as the heel here. Long live the Dream.

Number four: A return of the Cruiserweight Division in WWE.

Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Seth Rollins, and numerous more that I am leaving out could re-define a Cruiserweight division for this generation.

The entertainment value is definitely there. Cruiserweights have a place in WWE, and they should have their own showcased championships, yes I used a plural. I would love to see Cruiserweight tag championships, along with a return of the Cruiserweight title.

A cruiserweight title could allow for the talent who are not genetic monsters, to show what they can do in the ring. The X division in TNA was spectacular because they tapped in to something very few people had seen before, it’s high time WWE did something like that too. Innovation can start with you, fellas, you don’t always have to follow.

Number five: WWE Divas’ Tag Team Championship

Halfway there, my fifth resolution for WWE is a tag team championship for the Divas division.

If the talent in the Divas division is to be taken seriously they need more time on programming. This Divas’ revolution has become nothing more than a catchphrase, a “buzz word” that gets peoples’ attention. A revolution would be turning the division upside down by introducing a new championship to the mix. That new championship should be the WWE Divas’ Tag Team Championship. It would be a way to keep the influx of talent busy while we are bombarded with the Divas’ title story line which always seems stale.

I could imagine Team Bella going after the Divas Tag Titles, against Sasha and Naomi from Team B.A.D. It would be fun, and entertaining.

Number six: World Championship Split

A brand split and championship split would be “best for business”.

If a brand split is indeed in the works, it only makes sense to split the championships again. A WWE Champion and a World Heavyweight Champion would be, in Hunter’s words, “best for business”.

This would work only if the brand split did indeed happen. It would allow for obscure champions with great stories to be crowned. It also would allow for new writers to get a chance to write story lines for all brands.

I’d like to see them have one championship related to “entertainment” and one related to putting on great matches, similar to the Pure Championship in Ring of Honor.

Number seven: John Cena as a part timer.

John Cena in Sisters, coming to theatres in 2016.

Due to a game show, two movies and other outside WWE affiliations, John Cena has been relegated to a part-timer by WWE’s standards. As I do think this is humorous, because he attacked The Rock for the same over the course of their feud, it has been best for the development of WWE’s next generation.

Cena being out, has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed Reigns to ascend to the Championship and gain the admiration of the WWE Universe, which is something that nobody, including myself, saw coming. I hope that Cena continues to work outside of the WWE, he’s talented, could be a future action/comedy movie star. He’s been out two months, and I am actually looking forward to seeing him return to face Del Rio for the United States Championship on next week’s RAW. I usually do not enjoy seeing Cena at all, this lack of appearances has gained respect in my eyes.

Number eight: John Cena’s mythical heel turn needs to happen.

It’s long past time for a Cena heel turn, long past.

John Cena, the Hulk Hogan of this generation, needs what Hogan needed prior to the takeoff of the New World Order. An epic heel turn, one nobody sees coming.

It should happen this year, with Reigns as the face Champion and taking the reigns, pardon the pun, Cena doesn’t need to be the poster child anymore. Let him turn heel, give him a faction of new superstars, and let him make all of them. In my mind, I see a heel Cena with Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe wreaking havoc in the WWE.

This is the sort of event that could bring fans back in droves if done correctly. He could turn heel to face Undertaker at Mania, which would be awesome, although I’d rather see Sting vs. Taker at Mania in Dallas.

Number nine: Bray Wyatt to bury Undertaker for good.

Who is the false king, Wyatt or Taker?

Undertaker is a mythical wrestler that the likes will never be seen again. The only superstar to take the fight to Taker, other than Lesnar, has been Bray Wyatt.

I’m convinced there is a plan for Taker’s ultimate dismissal from the ring. It only makes sense that the “New Face of Fear” would be the one to take the torch of macabre from Taker. He is the only wrestler to take off with this sense of evil since Kane. How many wrestlers have come around in the same vein of Taker? Bray Wyatt has the potential to rid the WWE of Taker forever and run with the ball for the future. This doesn’t need to be at WrestleMania for Wyatt to get the bump from it. I think a buried alive match at Survivor Series would be great theatre and symmetry.

Number ten: Kevin Owens World Championship run.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at NXT R-Evolution.

Kevin Owens, the best pure wrestler to come in to the WWE in years, needs to become WWE Champion in 2016. He has a great gimmick, isn’t the traditional WWE wrestler, and could put on a great match with anyone on the current roster.

Owens is the future, and the future, needs to start this year. I’m convinced that the Intercontinental Championship was stripped from him in order for him to win the Royal Rumble, and challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. He is a monster heel, and needs to be respected as such. A dominant championship run in 2016 would establish himself as the foil to great faces. Line up the challengers, Seth Rollins, John Cena, Cesaro, Ziggler, Ambrose, Reigns, Sting, Taker along with more.

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