Predictions and Preview of NXT: Takeover Brooklyn

WWE will be putting on an NXT Takeover Special on the WWE Network August 22nd. This event will emanate from Brooklyn, New York, with six matches on the card, this will be the appetizer before the mega SummerSlam show on Sunday night. For fans of NXT, they believe, as do I that this show could outshine the main event of WWE’s weekend.

NXT Womens Championship Match

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Sasha Banks has been called up to the main roster, and seems as if she’s staying there. This one will no doubt be a barnburner, but expect Bayley to leave Brooklyn with the NXT Womens Championship in tow.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Bayley wins by pinfall.

Apollo Crews Debut

This could be a great moment in the night. This man will be an eventual NXT Champion, and possibly a future WWE Champion. Watch this match, and remember that it’s only his debut. I’m expecting big things from Crews. Of course, he wins against whomever his opponent is.

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin

Samoa Joe handled Rhyno easily on NXT. Just like most monster killers, he’s on to the next. Resident NXT monster, Baron Corbin is now standing in his way. I think Joe wins this going away, Corbin is on the rise, but he’s getting heat for his simple squash matches, and inability to show emotion in the ring. I think Joe is on the precipice of something big, whether it be in NXT, as the NXT Champion, or on the main roster.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Samoa Joe by submission

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Tyler Breeze

Jushin Thunder Liger, the legend, is coming to NXT Brooklyn. This will be a great moment for a sold out crowd in New York. I think the match will be solid, Liger is an incredible veteran, with copious amounts of ring savvy. He’ll push Breeze to be the best he can. I think this match could be a top three match of the night, only behind the NXT Championship match, and the NXT Women’s Championship match.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Tyler Breeze wins due to cheating.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Vaudevillians vs. Blake and Murphy

I think this is the hardest match for me to make a decision on. I don’t see either of these teams making their way to the main roster any time soon. Due to that reason I think that Alexa Bliss continues to make her presence known in this feud, and Blake and Murphy retain due to her services.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Blake and Murphy retain, due to Alexa Bliss interference.

NXT Championship Ladder Match

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Finn Balor makes his first NXT Championship defense against the man he won it from in a ladder match at Takeover: Brooklyn. At recent tapings, Owens was seen carrying the NXT Championship to the ring, this could be a new fashioned kayfabe, as Hunter is keen on internet trolls and how they work. I think that Balor retains here, if Owens wins, expect a feud between he and Joe for the Championship soon. This match is a win-win, if Owens wins, he’s the first two-time NXT Champion, if Balor wins and establishes himself as NXT’s main event. All along the way we see an amazing ladder match.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Balor wins and establishes himself as the man in NXT. This may be Kevin Owens’ swansong in NXT also.

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