After WhatsApp, it was Viber that Started End-to-End Encryption for its Users

WhatsApp, a highly-popularglobal messaging service and owned by social network giant Facebook, brought end-to-end encryption to its one billion users sometime ago. Now, another popular messaging platform, Viber, has done the same for its 700 million users.

Even though Viber is smaller than WhatsApp, the outcome of its decision to encrypt every text message, photo, and everything else shared on its platform could be far greater. That’s because unlike WhatsApp, Viber is not a U.S. company. It will not be subject to U.S. laws written by lawmakers desperate to regulate technology they do not understand.

This is just the beginning of an era where every communication taking place over a mobile device will be encrypted, which means the content of the communications will not be accessible through any means as they are not stored on company servers. Encryption is a tool that protects communications from being leaked or hacked by someone who is not intended to view it. No one wants their personal messages, chats, emails, pictures or videos to get into the hands of people who might misuse them or cause defamation of character.

To curb these apprehensions, end-to-end messaging platforms and encryption tools are becoming more and more popular. There are many such platforms that have started offering encryption while communicating. However, not everything is secured at all time. To make every communication secure on any mobile device, there is now a patented keyboard app called EnKryptonite.

If you want your personal information to stay private and secure, if you want something that can hide your text messages and chats from unauthorized viewing, or if you want a secure platform to protect and encrypt all of your communications on mobile devices — then the EnKryptonite App is the Answer!

The EnKryptonite app can encrypt sensitive financial or medical information communications, trade secrets and invention data, legal and/or sealed private communiqué not designed for public eyes, as well as messages not intended for viewing by those other than the recipient.

This is the app that offers the same level of encryption that is used by the military, thereby protecting all of the communications with additional layers of security, no matter whichever chat apps or communication apps are in use. EnKryptonite is free to download on Android as well as on iOS devices. Once downloaded and installed, a user can use the app to secure everything that’s been sent or shared with the intended recipient.

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