Digital Signature — An Assurance to the Origin, Identity and Status of an Electronic Document

Gone are the days when you had to print an electronic document to sign it manually and then scan it back to store. Nowadays, digital signature has made it easier and has reduced the time and money spent. Now, you can digitally sign a document and attach your authenticity to it.

Why do we need digital signature?

· The digital signature is always officially acceptable.

· The document with the digital signature never expires and it can be used anytime

· The document for digital signature is issued by a certificate authority to the signer

· There’s no need to print a copy and scan it to further send it to the desired recipient

· It offers authenticity to your document

· There are a lot of methods by which one can sign the document. One of the methods is by scanning the copy of your signature and then copying it onto the document as an image. But the major problem with this method is that it can easily be copied and used on other documents. But in digital signature, it cannot be copied by anyone and ensures your safety.

· In case of manual signatures and scanned signatures, there is a possibility that the signer can deny having signed the document. With digital signature, the signature cannot be denied as it is issued by the certificate authority to the signer.

· Digital signature also ensures that the document has not been manipulated. No one has the authority to modify the document without adding to the knowledge of signer.

How digital signature actually works

A digital signature contains a secret key which gets bound to a specific user and when the message is sent by that user, the key then shows up. Thus, the recipient can be assured that the document is being sent by the actual sender. In this way, certain cyber crimes can be prevented.

How digital signature prevents document modification

When the signer adds a digital signature to the document, it automatically generates a tamper-evident seal. This seal is specifically designed to reveal any interference with the contents. In case of manipulation within the document, the person viewing the document will be warned that it has been changed. Thus, it ensures the authenticity of the document.

Digital signature is a time saving method to sign a document making it authentic and original. This feature is available in Microsoft Office documents and PDF editor software. Now you can send your signed document to anyone without worrying about fraud or modification. Moreover, if you want a secure way to communicate over mobile devices without the possibility of leaking your sensitive information, EnKryptonite App is the answer. The exclusive EnKryptonite keyboard applies military-grade encryption to the content of your message. Each layer of security is applied to the sending, receiving and decryption, which exponentially increases the level of security. Use EnKryptonite as a powerful tool to keep your personal communication secure and private. Download the free EnKryptonite App from Google Play and App Store.